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Lots to Do In Line the Book

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About the book

Lots To Do In Line Disneyland contains 964 engaging questions that will have the whole family hunting for the answers. There are 74 scavenger hunts for hidden queue treasure buried deep in the wait plus park-wide scavenger hunts for each of the parks. If you run out of questions in a line, there are even 22 collections which will have you scrutinizing your surroundings and even fellow guests to gain points. You need not have a vast knowledge of Disney Trivia to play. In fact, if you can recognize Mickey and Minnie you are all set. All of the answers can be found only in line at Disneyland. Here are some sample questions. The answers are multiple choice but you'll need to be in line to answer them.

Sample Questions

Autopia sample question gadget's go coaster sample question roger rabbit's cartoon spin sample question buzz lightyear sample question pirates of the caribbean sample question star tours sample question

What you will not find

Lots To Do In Line Disneyland contains no crossword puzzles, no dot-to-dots and no trivia questions. Those are all wonderful things, but you could get them anywhere and you could do them anywhere. Lot’s To Do In Line Disneyland is meant to keep you engaged in the park, not check you out of it.

Why not just play a video game?

Well you could have the kids play video games, but let’s face it they can and do do that all the time. Disneyland is special and I think your time there should be as well.

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