Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland

Lots to Do In Line: Now for Disneyland or Walt Disney World


1) How Do I use this App?
“Lots To Do In Line” turns your wait time into fun time by using the wealth of visual (and sometimes audio) detail Disney builds into its parks and most of its queue lines to create games for each ride in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. You will find each of Disneyland and California Adventure Parks lands listed on a tab for each park. If you are starting in Disneyland, select the land you will visit. If you are in California Adventure, push the tab button on the bottom of your screen that shows the California sunshine. After you select a land, you should choose the attraction you are about to wait for from the list provided. You’ll find challenging questions and treasure hunts that turn time in line into an amusing game.
2) What are the rules?
There are only two rules of play. Rule No. 1. Be considerate of other park guests. Never push your way back and forth in line. It is not necessary. If you should happen to miss the details that will let you answer a question, let that question go. There is plenty more to see and lots more opportunities to earn points. Rule No. 2. When you get on the ride, forget the questions and enjoy yourself. There are no answers to be found within the rides themselves.
3) What are collections?
To ensure that you have fun all the way up to the loading dock, you will sometimes be directed to build a “Collection.” Collections are groups of things to look for that you’ll find sprinkled all around the parks (weather vanes, for example) or things you can spot on your fellow guests, such as sparkling shoes and character T-shirts. You can hunt for Collection treasure anytime you choose, while in line or while walking around the parks. They are a great way to clean up on points!
4) Where do I find the collections list?
Collections are located on the tab bar at the bottom of your screen when you are on any page but an answer page. Tap the third button over with the picture of tally marks. Here you will find a list of possible collections you could work on. You should choose Collections that you think will work well for the area you are in. For example, if you are in Fantasyland, a Collection of girls dressed like princesses should serve you well. If you are in New Orleans Square, you will probably find a Collection of pirate flags more useful. Some things, such as Mickey Mouse ears, are useful absolutely everywhere.
5) How do I get points for my collections?
Go to the collections list located in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen. Tap on collections. When you see something from a collection, tap on your player button and then the add button next to the collection you are adding to. A point will be added to that players score. You can continue to add to collections throughout the day.
6) How do I change between Disneyland and California adventure parks?
To Maneuver between Disneyland and California Adventure use the tool bar on the very bottom of your screen. The Castle will take you to Disneyland, while the sunshine will move your play to California Adventure.
7) How do I find the questions for line I am in?
Your line is listed on the rides page. Start at the map page that comes up when you first turn the app on. Select the land you are currently in by tapping on that land. A list of attractions will come up next. Chose the one you are in now. After you select a park, you will find a page with a list of lands. Simply touch the land you are in. Next you will find a list of rides and attractions in the land you selected. Tap the attraction you intend to visit next. When you arrive at the attraction let the games begin. Not in the right park? Use the tab bar at the bottom of the screen to toggle between parks.
8) Will the games work if I am in FastPass lines as well?
The great news is that FastPass lines tend to move very quickly. If you do find yourself waiting for a bit go to the questions as you normally would. Scroll down the questions for questions marked with a FP. These questions can be answered in both the standby and FastPass queues.
9) How do I keep track of my points?
You don’t, we will do that for you! All you need to do is select the player who is providing an answer. Tap the player first. Players are listed on the bottom of your screen when you are in the game. Then you should select an answer. If you are correct, the number of points that correct answer was worth will be added to that players total score.
10) Are all questions worth the same number of points?
No. Different questions have unique point values. You will see the point value for any one particular question in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on the answers page.
11) If I get a question wrong do I lose points?
No. There is no penalty for making a wrong guess, however the total number of points that can be earned by getting the question correct is reduced by one point for ever wrong answer.
12) If I get a question wrong, can I still chose another answer?
Yes, if a question is answered incorrectly, any player may try answering again. The point values for the question will however be reduced by one.
13) How do I see my score?
Go to the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. It is present on all screens except the answer screen. Select the last Visits button. This will take you to your score as well as other interesting statistics about your visit thus far. Yes, I said statistics could be interesting.
14) Can a person play by themselves?
You sure can. Simply chose one of the player buttons and tap it. Unless you tap another player button all of the points will go to your selected player.
15) What if I have more than four players?
More than four players will need to play as groups, or you will need to put the app onto a second machine.
16) Can we just answer as a team?
Yes you can play as a group or as individual players. If you want to play as a cooperative group finding answers together, then simply play as player one. As long as you do not click on the other player buttons, all of the points will be calculated as a group under player one. Hey, as long as you are a team, why not have a team name. You can put a team name on your button by visiting visits. See adding my name to my player button.
17) How do I add our names to the player buttons?
Go to the tool bar at the bottom of the screen on all pages except the answer page. Go to the last button marked visits. One you arrive at this page, tap “Edit Visits” found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The next page lists your visits. You should tap “edit”. Now you will chose from your list of visits. If this is your first time it will say First Visit. Tap first visit. On this screen you can name your visit and put in up to four player names. Add visit name first then player names. When all are entered you must tap “done” and then “save”.
18) Oops I forgot to change players and gave my points to my annoying younger brother, how do I fix that?
What a nice thing to do for him.
19) What do I get if I have the most points?
You get the joy of achieving them, of course! It’s a great feeling to know you’re succeeding—and you’ll have the extra joy of seeing all the wonderful details that make the Disney parks so entertaining.

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